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In Warriors you will control gladiators fighting against their enemies
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Warriors is a game where you will control gladiators fighting against their enemies.
You can choose the actions for four different gladiators, that will fight against another team, formed by other four gladiators. By turns, each one of the gladiators will have the opportunity to choose if they want to attack an enemy (and choose which one), or they want to use that move to heal the gladiator they are using, or protect another one from possible attacks. The attacks will do different damage according to the health of the gladiator that is attacking. The game will tell you the amount of damage made for each attack. When the gladiator has no points to lose, he dies, and his image is replaced with a grave.

It is necessary to kill the four gladiators of the opposite team to win the game. This way, the winner will advance in the tournament, having the possibility to win the title of Legendary Warrior. To do this, the players will need to be very careful. Attacking all the time will not help. Healing all the time, you will not damage your enemies.

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